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Control the performance of all your offline marketing channels. Monitor performance and ROI of your offline marketing strategy. Improve your campaigns and optimize ad spend.







Analyze hard-to-measure online channels


Online Advertorials

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Use cases

Retail Store

Analyze how much revenue each marketing campaign is generating.

Online Store

Identify users that visit your online store after seeing your marketing campaigns.

How it works:
Smart attribution for offline marketing

Your website tracking tool contains all data about your potential clients, such as age, gender, locations, sources and much more. The difficulty is to identify, who of these visitors came because of an offline advertisement.

Expanenta uses its smart correlation engine based on machine learning in order to attribute visitors to offline ads. This is done by analyzing your media plan and matching it to the increases of your website visitors. Our engine adjusts for time lags, seasonality and other factors in order to deliver precise results.

  • No surveys or coupon codes
  • Live performance tracking
  • Adjusted for seasonality and lags

KPIs you are familiar with

Expanenta evaluates your offline channels with the same measures as your online marketing analytics – this way you can easily compare all your marketing activities.


solution available

Secure cloud

Data privacy

There is no need to share your confidential data with us. We help you anonymize your data before connecting to our system. This way your business data remains with you. Additionally we use secured servers and have privacy agreements with our storage partners. We also offer an on-premise solution to meet your legal requirements.

Expanenta products and services

Managed analytics

We take care of your analytics and provide you with periodic updates. No need to get your hands dirty.

  • Statistics of all offline campaigns
  • Statistics of online campaigns
  • Comparison with industry average
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Collaboration with your BI team
  • Periodic updates
  • Data integration
  • Reports and visualizations

Cloud platform

Access to self service analytics platform. Evaluate your marketing performance and optimize ad spend.

  • Statistics of all offline campaigns
  • Statistics of online campaigns
  • Comparison with industry average
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Self service analytics platform
  • Support with integration
  • On-premise solution available


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Evaluate if your offline marketing budget is efficiently spent. Optimize your campaigns and increase sales.

Media agencies

Measure and improve marketing campaigns for your clients. Stand out from the crowd with offline marketing analytics.

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